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Android platform is a framework developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. Popularity and acceptance of Android based phones and devices are increasingly in demand. Android acts as both a platform and operating system for mobile devices. It provides innumerable opportunities in Android mobile application development. Android offers developers with Java support by allowing them to create third party Java applications to be run on the Android platform. Android creates a sizeable array of possibilities when it comes to Android mobile application development by presenting an enriched multitasking environment and thorough mobile device core functionality access. Our experienced and skilled engineers are professionally renowned for their expertise in designing, testing and porting the solutions on to Android Platform. We help you conceptualize and create an ideal application for Android smartphones and other devices. Our Android application development is not limited to development and delivery of entertainment, gaming, utility or business apps. Netpiper’s software development for Android platform is goal driven by fully utilizing the resources and features residing on the Android based device including GPS and WiFi. This type of extended functionalities joined with a wide array of media-related capabilities allows us to meet any technically feasible requirements associated with the mobile applications developed by Netpiper.

There are several more exciting features and reasons as of why to go for an Android based development. It provides an easy interface to the web, allowing applications to embed various online content. This vital feature in modern world is literally unquestionable. Android is gaining mileage in the market with its flexible and open platforms. Its use is not limited to mobile phones, palm held devices. Explore the power and flexibility of Android with our custom Android applications.