Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development in Dubai, UAE

The era of computers has further evolved with increase in smartness and mobility. Professional and social activities are no longer associated with time, space and location. Introduction of smart phones, handheld, and palm held devices has created a strong opportunity for business establishments, to narrow its gap with customers and initiate proactive approaches to keep them happy. Drive for data availability anywhere at an increased speed is motivating the development of mobile applications to meet this rising demand. Popularity of mobile apps in Dubai, UAE and Gulf Region is on an incremental mode; So hit the iron when it is red.

How can Netpiper help you?

The regional mobility service providers have already geared up with latest technology to facilitate data exchange in a lighting speed. recognises that current era demands information to be omnipresent and unlimited. By virtue of its decade plus presence and expertise in the region, our mobility based solutions are robust, cost effective and user-friendly. Netpiper engineers are specialists in the design and development of smartphone applications (Mobile Apps). Our philosophy is to service everyone; be it an individual, an SME or a corporate business to own professional App. Our team of apps developers take care of all stages of the mobile software development process starting from idea, design, creation, deployment, extended servicing and maintenance of mobile apps in Dubai, UAE.

Check out more reasons to choose Netpiper:

  • Adopter and ally of mobile based technology since 1999.
  • Strong technical expertise in mobile domain.
  • Extensive Partnership with local and regional mobile service providers.
  • Proven expertise in mobile based applications.
  • Specialists in integrating software services requiring mobility add-ons.
  • Skill set to develop and deploy applications for iOS (iPhone and iPad), Android & Windows Mobile.
  • One stop solution package including client, web based software development.
  • Continued Support for ensuring performance of mobile apps.
  • On-demand programs for enhancing online visibility of smartphone apps.
  • Offline mobile based campaigns to popularise your mobile app.
Explore the Flexibility offered by Netpiper.

Spark your thought and we do the rest!

We help expand your idea with the assistance of our creative, business and technical experts. During the inception stage, we help you choose the right platform by analysing the existing trends adopted by your target audience. Your App can be designed for most common and popular mobile platforms such as, Microsoft’s Windows Mobile, Apple's iOS ( iPhone / iPad), Google’s Android and RIM’s Blackberry. Netpiper Engineering Team provides services in developing interactive data applications that can prove to be very important to your business and can satisfy all modern challenging needs.

iOS based Development – iPhone & iPad apps development

Our developers build on the formal Apple SDK in order deliver exclusive and top-notch iPhone and iPad applications that make use of hardware-specific features such as the dialer, address book, calendar, proximity sensor, multi-touch interface, accelerometer and location services. In the process of designing and developing an iPhone or an iPad application, our engineers observe the concept carefully in order to device a unique approach to ensure hardware features such as the touchscreen, limited memory size and its distinct style of use.

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Android Development Dubai, UAE mobile apps development services include developing mobile solutions for the Android platform. Our experienced and skilled engineers are professionally renowned for their expertise in designing, testing and porting the solutions on to Android Platform. We help you conceptualize and create an ideal application for Android smartphones and other Android devices. Our Android application development is not limited to development and delivery of entertainment, gaming, utility or business apps. Netpiper’s software development for Android platform is goal driven by fully utilizing the resources and features residing on the Android based device including GPS and WiFi.

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