Netpiper makes waves with Club FM 99.6 Dubai website & Mobile application.

Netpiper showcases ClubFM website & Mobile application

Netpiper showcases ClubFM website- the one stop FM radio station that caters to all your music taste buds. They have a wide array of song collection across all languages and ranges from evergreen classics to the latest releases. In addition, stay updated with the latest news, weather and traffic updates in the UAE. Make your presence known by sending messages to studio on air and participating in polls and contests.


Netpiper feels blissful in being able to deliver a refreshing website to the 24 hour live FM radio station in the UAE. Our rich tradition of exceeding customer expectations with above par, eye-catching, responsive mobile friendly websites has proven to be a consistent crowd puller and visual treat.

For enhancing listener experience for your favorite Malayalam FM radio station in the UAE, Netpiper has also developed a mobile application for ClubFM UAE. Listen to all your favorite tracks and programs to enjoy a blend of freshness, youth and nostalgia.

You can download the ClubFM UAE mobile application for, IOS users and Android users

Netpiper is proud to introduce the mobile application for ClubFM UAE- your one stop 24 hour Malayalam radio station for all your favourite songs and programs catering to all kind of listeners. Hear music on the go with high adrenalin pumped performance features that include:

  • Listen to high performance stream quality music on the go
  • Active participation in contests and polls
  • Live updates on weather and traffic
  • Send instant messages and pictures to the studio from the ClubFM UAE mobile app
  • View program schedules so that you never miss your favourite shows wherever you are

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