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The era of computers has further evolved with increase in smartness and mobility. Professional and social activities are no longer associated with time, space and location. Introduction of smart phones, handheld, and palm held devices has created a strong opportunity for business establishments, to narrow its gap with customers and initiate proactive approaches to keep them happy. Drive for data availability anywhere at an increased speed is motivating the development of mobile applications to meet this rising demand. Popularity of mobile apps in Dubai, UAE and Gulf Region is on an incremental mode; So hit the iron when it is red.

Apple has provided developers with an exclusive set of guidelines and controls for designing and developing various mobile applications by releasing an SDK for the iOS. Apple SDK offers full access to the device, including its, accelerometer, proximity sensor, multi-touch interface dialler, address book and the calendar.

In effect, the technique of designing an iPhone or an iPad application is similar to the development of a Mac OS X application. The major difference compared a Mac OS X is that iPhone and an iPad is a mobile platform, having additional features. As a professional IT service establishment, Netpiper.com developers have immediate access to the most recent and updated development utilities. In the process of designing and developing an iPhone or an iPad application, our engineers observe the concept carefully in order to device a unique approach to ensure hardware features such as the touchscreen, limited memory size and its distinct style of use.

Netpiper approach for iPhone / iPad based development:

  • Proficient in usage of Apple SDK.
  • Expertise in handling mobile based development.
  • Familiarity with iOS and mobile application development.
  • Enriched Graphic Experience and user-friendly interface.
  • Maximum usage of distinctive iPhone features: the multi-touch interface, accelerometer and proximity sensor.
  • Development Concepts in all major categories.

Research figures point out that Apple had 400,000 applications on January 16 2011 and saturation is much far. Such high rates in the number of applications vouch for the ever-expanding customer base. Industry experts have forecasted the likeness of iOS platform to maintain the leading position for at least new few years. Therefore, we can conclude that significant revenue streams can be obtained by providing good quality solutions to Apple loyals and fans. As these numbers increase one might have doubts regarding the quality of the apps. Netpiper quality policies are practiced to ensure that you are offered with top-quality iPhone & iPad apps. These superior and robust technical solutions will make your app distinct from the crowd and help you win the market.